Cold Weather Composting Challenge

Welcome to my Cold Weather Composting Challenge.

I frequently have frantic customers wanting to know what to do to prepare their outdoor worm bins for winter.

It has always been my theory that the winter is not nearly as dangerous as the summer but that is just a theory.

This Challenge is an attempt to prove OR DISPROVE that theory. So.....

I have a challenge for those of you who have outdoor worm bins. Let's document some bin temperatures this winter. Do a bit of a science project.

Here is the challenge:
1. Obtain a thermometer, it can be a compost thermometer, digital or manual is fine. If you dont have one, here is a link to a cheap one on amazon.

2. Record the OUTDOOR Temperatures at the time of your compost temperature readings. (Weekly would be awesome)
3. Please include the bin conditions: bedding, feed, and any heat source you are providing for the worms. Also include a brief synopsis of worm activity.

To me, this sounds fun I would LOVE for you to participate. See, I have this theory that cold temperatures outside are not as dangerous to worm bins as most people think. But this is just a theory and until we do a STUDY, we won't know for sure.

Who's in?

You can simply report your findings on the comment form below. I would really appreciate weekly findings December through March but twice a month findings would be awesome as well. You can log them here as you record them or at the end in March, whichever is easier for you.

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Are you just looking for tips on how to winterize your wormbin? If so, here is my video on winterizing a worm bin:

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