Do I need more bedding?

I am wanting to order your $45 starter kit but my container is 20 inches tall and 24 inches wide across the top. I want to make sure I have enough bedding to start the bed but dont want to order two kits. Can I order extra bedding if you think I need it?

Answer from BigTex Worms:
Regardless of the size of your bin, you can start with one starter bag. You will only add bedding with each feed.
You could add more bedding to fill the bin more but it would be futile without adding more worms. If the worms have a lot of bedding to process they will not eat as much food.

All this being said, it is my recommendation to start with one starter bag and let the process gradually fill your bin. If after maintaining the bin for a month or two, if you wish to add another starter to speed up the process you could always do that.

I hope this helps,
BigTex Worms

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