Egg shells in worm bin

by Pat

I am starting a bin of worms with about 1/2 pound of red worms in a 10 gallon rubber made container. I put about 1-2 inches of peat moss in the bottom. I have egg shells but please explain how I need to add them. Do I dry and crush them, powder them, etc? And how much do I add to bring up the ph? Thanks

BigTex Worms answer:
I do not know the answer to this question because I have never started a worm bin as you say above. I would suggest you take my online worm composting class (link on the left navigation bar and on the right) to find out my suggestions for starting a worm bin. Or you could click on the "HOW TO START" button on the left navigation bar to browse around my articles on starting a bin.

PH is very important and starting with peat moss only is a risky way to start a worm bin, in my opinion. Risky meaning suicide mission for worms.
You could also click on my forum and ask this question there. There are quite a few people on there and someone might know the answer.

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