Is there more that I should be doing here?


This is going on the second week that my worm bin has be up. I ended up with a pound of worms instead of ½ pound so I put them in an 18 gallon tub.
I used coconut coir for the bedding. I put some shredded paper over the top and after a day of letting the chill I fed them in a corner. And I actually used the dryer lint idea over the food. They seem to like that.
Now do I add any other stuff to the bedding like more paper shreds, manure, cardboard……….I feel like I should be doing more here. How can I tell when I need to add some moisture in the bed?
The day after I put them in their bed they tried to climb out. The bin is on my porch that has gaps in the flooring. I had to put the ones that escaped back in the bin and wondered if some of them fell through the gaps. I guess I will never know. I put screening over the holes to prevent them from escaping again. I also shined some light on them for about 6 hours to make them go down deep in their bedding. It has so far been ok.
But I also really want to dig around in there to make sure the whole pound of worms are all there and see how they are doing! Ha Ha! I won’t. I will leave them be.

Note from BigTex Worms:
You did not get your worms from me, so the first question I have is "Are they Red Wigglers"?
If so, then all is well, you just keep doing what your are doing. Feed, add bedding with food and keep the bin damp. That is it.
Resist the urge to stir them up but if you must, just stir half the bin otherwise you will stress them.
If you do NOT have red wigglers, then you need to contact the seller and ask them for care instructions. Other breeds have very different instructions.
This is why I sell starter bags, because worms by the pound put in a new bin with new bedding tend to try to leave.
BigTex Worms

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May 26, 2011
re: Is there more that I should be doing here.
by: Val

Thx for getting back to me Liz.

Yes, they are Red Wigglers that I bought. I ordered them from an other place BEFORE I found you on YouTube or I would have bought from you.

They had a bit of dirt with them when they came, but I would not have said it was a bedding that came with them. I understand now why your starters bags are important. It totally makes sense seeing my worms DID try to leave. Thankfully the worms have finally calmed down and have stopped trying to escape.

I will continue to: feed, add bedding with food and keep the bin damp. Thanks again for your help and encouragement!


Note from BigTex Worms:
I am not mad you did not order from me, I just wanted to make sure you had reds and not nighcrawlers or other breed.

Dry bedding is a big problem with new bins, so make sure the bedding is moist. When you pick up a handful and squeeze a few drops of water should come out.

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