Keyhole Garden Using Red Wriggers

Are you familiar with Keyhole Gardens. They recommend a pound of red wrigglers. Dr. Deb Tolman is experimenting with this type of gardening in Clifton, TX.

Here's her website:
They are using this type of garden successfully in parts of drought stricken African. We are interested in trying this, but have no experience with worms.

Do you think worms would stand a chance in this situation? I am excited about the possibility of attending your classes. We live in the Springtown area.

Answer from BigTex worms:
I have never heard of that before. I did watch the videos. Although, I love the idea of the keyhole garden, it does NOT look ideal for worms. Why? Because the majority of the bedding is "dirt" and that is not hospitable to worms living. Not to mention, the idea that one little can of red wigglers will innoculate that entire bed is silly. It would take 5+ pounds to have a fighting chance digesting all that cardboard and food scraps.
It is an idea worth exploring but I honestly would NOT put worms in there. Especially if the only water you are providing is in the hole in the center via food scraps. Worms require a 80% moisture state to survive and here in Texas without frequent watering I just dont see that happening.
These are just my opinions and I am in no way a keyhole garden expert.
I may have to give one of these beds a try this summer to see for myself.

BigTex Worms

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