Large order question

by Gregg


I have two farms south of Waco. In the past I have clean the barns and pens and ended up with 4 or 5 piles of poop that are 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide. I do this about 3 times a year.

We do everything as organic as possible. For the last few years my daughter has said "dad why don't you get some worms and put in the piles.

So I have been looking at the different people in Texas that raise worms and like you story. Heck I love your story and what you have done with your website.

I doubt that one bucket would make a dent in one of my piles. Do you ever make deals on large quantities? Do you have months that you have excess worms?

I have been a medical experiment since 2003. I was in a near fatal roll over that put a split in my spinal cord at neck level and have had cancer/tumors 4 times since then. So I am not rolling in cash at the moment. Not looking for a freebie just a something that might make sense for both of us.
Answer from BigTex Worms:
I so wish I were in the financial position to be able to do wholesale but I am not.
As many are due to the economy, our family struggles to make ends meet.
Perhaps sometime in the future I will be able to make wholesale deals but at this time, I need every penny from my retail orders.
Thanks for your inquiry and check with me again in the future.
There is another seller in Tx who I bought from years ago when I was getting started, his business name is Pollard Worms. You might google him and see if he can help you.

BigTex Worms

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