Learning Experience for Daisy Girl Scouts

by Jenny
(Keller, TX)


I am the leader of 12 Daisy Girl Scouts, ages 5-7 years old. The scouts have chosen to take action in their community by starting a worm bin to enhance the soil in their school's nature center. I fully support their choice, but I'm not sure how I can use this as a learning experience for the remainder of the school year. (our meetings are every other week until the end of May 2011) I feel like we would no sooner assemble the worm bin and they would be gone for the summer, not able to experience the full cycle of this project. Do you have any suggestions??

Answer from BigTex Worms
You have several options. You can start a tote style worm bin then when summer comes you can have a 2-3 week schedule for each girl to care for the bin and pass it on to the next girl.
OR you can provide each girl with their very own personal sized worm bin. I could make these bins for them. I would start with the exact same amount of bedding/worms in each container and require each girl to keep a journal (also provided by me if you buy the kids kit) to log all activity all summer. Then, at the end of summer they would bring the bins back up to assess the results. I would also include a video tutorial in the cost of the bins. I would make these individual bins for $5 each (if you buy a minimum of 5, $7 each for less) and they would be very similar to the ones I have listed on my worm composting for kids page.
Email me, if you want to order them.
BigTex Worms

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