by Tom Lingley
(San Diego, CA)

Thank you Liz for the answer regarding my worms leaving the bin. Of course one question leads to at least one more. What is the mud like substance that has collected on the fabric between the bin and the liquid collection tray? Is it castings? I scraped it out and placed it in a cardboard box to dry out.

Answer from BigTex Worms
Without seeing it, I can't say for sure. If you can send a photo that would be perfect. But my guess is that it is a mixture of leachate (water runnoff from the table scraps you are adding) and castings. You can add it as a top dressing to some houseplants and see what happens.
When I feed table scraps to my demo bin, I always make a "nest" to put the scraps in with either shredded paper, dryer lint or paper egg carton to catch some of the water from the scraps so it does not collect like that.

Keep the questions coming, I love it!

Liz (BigTex Worms)

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