Red Worm question

by Colby

I am interested in buying and letting go worms in my pastures at my ranch, which is an hour away from Keller. I have alot of ground to cover, so need to get a good price on the worms. I have three questions:

1) Should I get red worms, earth worms or both?

2) Do you have a volume discount? I don't know how far a pound of worms is going to get me?

3) When is the best time to let these worms go in my pasture?

Answer from BigTex Worms

I would never suggest adding worms to bad soil. The only way I would suggest this, is if you have recently added a good 4-6 inches of organic compost to the land, before adding the worms. Red wiggler worms will not survive in bad soil, they must have lots of nutrient rich compost to munch on to stick around/survive. And my honest opinion is that if you improve your soil by adding compost and other organic additives needed for your specific problem (lava sand/ minerals) then the native worms will come. And native worms are what you want for land. Red wiggler worms are made for compost bins.
I just don't want you to waste your money.
Anyone else who tells you otherwise is simply not being truthful or does not know what they are talking about.

If you contact the local Texas A+M county extension where your land is, they will help guide you to get your soil fertile.
BigTex Worms

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