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Red Worms for Sale: buy your red wiggler (eisenia foetida) composting worms right here.

Due to a family emergency, I am not taking orders, I am on a waiting list only.

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I do not offer pickups, other than the twice a year local classes (listed below). Otherwise orders must be shipped.

When you buy worms from BigTex Worms you also receive :

***FREE Online Worm composting Class ($14.99 value)
***FREE 10 page worm composting guide ($2.99 value)
***FREE Unlimited Support via email from BigTex Worms (priceless)

Everything you need to know before ordering is covered in this video. PLEASE NOTE: if you chose to order worms by the pound instead of the starter bag, you will NOT receive starter bedding.

Two choices, worm starter bag or worms by the pound:

Worm starter bags are worms (1 pound, around 600-1200 worms) PLUS pounds of active worm bedding. My worms are shipped in the same bedding they have been working for months. Reduces stress INCREASES success. (see below for more info on starter bags)

When you order the starter bag, All you have to do is dump the contents in your empty bin and you are ready to start composting! You add NO additional bedding initially.

If you order worms by the pound, you will need to prepare worm bedding for your worms.

Online Worm Composting Class

I am proud to be the ONLY seller of Red Wiggler worms offering a Online Worm Composting Course( free with purchase of worms or $14.99 by itself)to ensure your worm composting success.

This course is a combination of video and text and takes about 30 minutes to watch all videos.

Order the class without worms:

There is a steep learning curve with starting a worm farm but the online class and my availability to answer your questions will put you on the right path.

Starter Bags?

I offer starter bags which are: 4-5 pound of active worm bedding including small worms and worm eggs PLUS a FULL pound of worms. A HALF starter bag is 2-3 pounds of bedding plus 1/2 pound of worms.

Why do I recommend worm starter bag over worms by the pound? After selling worms by the pound for years, I was tired of having my customers fail at worm composting. So, I began making worm bins for them and realized the reason they were succeeding now was because of the active worm bedding in the established bins I prepared. The starter bag was born! Worms shipped in a few cups of dry peat moss, you receive worms VERY stressed out and must have the bin conditions perfect to keep them alive over the next few weeks. My starter bags give you little room for error.

CRITTER ALERT: BUGS ARE A NORMAL PART OF COMPOSTING ECOSYSTEM. THERE WILL BE OTHER BUGS IN YOUR STARTER BAG. NO CAUSE FOR CONCERN, THEY EAT TOO. Thinking of buying worms to put in your yard to improve the soil? read this first about adding worms to lawns

Local Classes/Pickup

I'm having a class at Homestead Farms in Keller, TX on May 8th 2014.

Why buy from BigTex Worms?

I am not your average worm farmer. I am an educator at heart. I have been teaching classes in the healthcare setting for almost 10 years. Therefore, I believe education is the key to success at most endeavors, worm composting included.

And I pride myself in exemplary customer service. I am here to help you succeed at worm composting not just to sell you worms. I offer a worm composting forum and a free question and answer feature right here on the website.

No, I am not the cheapest price on the net. But like the old saying goes "you get what you pay for.".

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Are you sure you are ready for your worms?

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Please send a note with your order, mailing address and phone number or email. Orders will be shipped on the nearest Monday FOLLOWING your monies clearing the bank. (usually 5-7 business days to clear)

Sorry, NO CASH ON PICKUP. I simply have had too many people not show up to offer this.

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