Soaking coconut coir bricks?

by Krista
(San Antonio, TX)

I bought some of the coconut bricks off Amazon & am just wondering if there is a certain amount of water that should be used to soak them? Also, is there a particular brand that you've had more success with or just prefer over others? Thanks so much for all of your help.

Note from Liz:
It usually tells you on the brick how much water to add. I for the compressed brick about the size of a banana bread loaf (sorry I am a woman and that is what I relate to) I usually add about 2 gallons of water then drain off whatever doesnt absorb or add to if needed. Warm water works best too, just fyi.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have had great bricks and not so great. Some rehydrate in 10 minutes and others have taken as long as 2 days. (I sent some back one time because it never did rehydrate, YIKES.) The quality has varied from company to company. But the two most consistent has come from Coco Garden : labeled as coco fiber and Zoo Med labeled as reptile bedding (I get this one at the pet store from time to time).

Hope this helps,
BigTex Worms

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