Texas Worm Farm

BigTex Worms is your Texas Worm Farm. Looking to buy composting worms from a Texas Wormery? You found it right here with Big Tex Worms.

When you buy from me video:

I specialize in worm starter bags or buckets when you pickup locally. I do prefer not to sell worms by the pound. Why? Because time and time again, I see new worm farmers have better success with a starter bag/bucket. What is a starter bucket? It is a 3.5 gallon bucket, with lid, with holes drilled in it. (so it is your worm bin for 2-3 months till you need to get a bigger bin) It will contain 4-5 pounds of active worm bedding with eggs and 800-1200 red wiggler worms. Bin, worms and bedding all for $35. Quite a deal. PLUS, I give you access to my ONLINE Worm COMPOSTING CLASS and a 10 page worm instructional pamphlet for FREE with any purchase of worms.Located in Keller Texas, in the DFW Metroplex. Worms are available for shipment or for local pickup.

Here is a video tour of my place:

You can order online, and pickup 7 days a week. OR you can pay cash and pick up on Mondays. (Tuesdays sometimes when there is a holiday)

Local Pick Up Prices NO S/H
The “farm” is located at my home, so here are my pickup details. After some rather scary pickup scenarios (one almost involved the police with someone entering my property without permission, very scary), I have the following pickup "RULES".

1. You can pick up an order 7 days a week FROM MY PORCH, when paid for online or on Mondays when paid for in cash. (unless Monday is a holiday or I cannot do it that day then alternative arrangements will be made)

2. I need 24 hours notice from time of payment to pick up to prepare the order.

3. You can pick up your order ANYTIME on the day arranged. I will place all buckets on the porch in the am.

4. Online class is FREE with purchase, email question/answers are FREE with purchase.

5. If you wish to speak with me IN PERSON or to VIEW my worm bins, this must be arranged as a private tour OR you can pick up your worms on class days. This is my private residence, it is NOT an open to the public farm.

6. Please do NOT knock on my door or ring the doorbell to confirm your pickup. I am not antisocial, my husband is often a day sleeper due to his job, I homeschool during the day and I work from home as a telephone triage nurse in the evenings/weekends. In other words, I am VERY busy and not available to talk worms, sorry. This is why email works best for me. I do not have a business phone. Thank you for your understanding.

I do private consultations for $15 in addition to your order price. Use the contact me form to set up an appointment.

I will email you the address and arrange pick up date/time when payment is received.

Hope you enjoyed learning about my Texas Worm Farm.

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