worm escapees

by Frankie B.
(Jackson tn)

Is it common in the beginning to find a few worms every day have gotten out? Is this a constant or does this mean there is another problem?

Answer from Big Tex Worms:

Worms should not be able to escape from any worm bin. A worm bin should be fully enclosed, not allowing escapees.

It is very common to have worms hanging out at the top of a bin or in the drip tray (of a retail unit). They like to wander around and check things out.

If you have a mass exodus of worms, it is likely due to the environment being wrong. In the summer, my first guess is it being too hot or dry. Other considerations could be: wrong ph, wrong food, wrong bedding and overstimulating. In other words, is your bin:
1. protected from direct sun
2. bin temps are 70-90 degrees,
3. bedding is moist,
4. bedding is at least 50% peat moss or coconut coir, the other 50% can be aged manure, newspaper, dryer lint, leaves;
5. Food is best if precomposted in the summer. But if not corner fed ONLY
6. Bed is not agitated but once a week or LESS.
7. Fully enclosed, thus protected from the elements and predators

If you have ruled out all of the above and it is just a few worms, then that is normal. Sometimes, they are looking for greener pastures only to shrivel up one foot from the bin, sadly.

I hope this helps,
BigTex Worms

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