Worm over population

by Laura
(West Virginia)

If the worms double in population every few months, is over population an issue? If so, what does one do with the excess worms? Can red wigglers survive in my garden? I am very interested in worm composting and think that I want to buy a commercial unit soon.

Answer from BigTex Worms

Excellent question Laura!
Yes, red wiggler worms due multiply very quickly WHEN GIVEN THE PROPER ENVIRONMENT, but often this is not the exact case when you first start your bin. It takes time to get the hang of things. Also, worms self regulate to their bin size. So they will stop eating/breeding if the bin is too small. If you keep splitting your bin every few months, they will keep on multiplying but if you leave them in the bin, they will stop. And if you feed too much/too little, too wet/too dry or if its too hot/too cold ect they wont breed/hatch. So in other words that is a loaded question with a lot of answers.

I would say, most new worm farmers need to share worms or start a new bin once a year.
I warn you, it is a VERY addictive hobby. :)


BigTex Worms

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