Worm Bin PH

Maintaining proper Worm Bin PH can be instrumental in the success of a wormbin. Where most people go wrong is simply not taking ph of materials placed into the bin into account. Before they know it the worms are dead.

Many times it begins with the wrong bedding choice. PH is measure by being acid to alkaline. Worms prefer neutral of around 7. Below 7 is considered acid and above 7 is considered alkaline. Newspaper and Cardboard are neutral. Peat Moss is acidic usually measuring around 3.5-4.5. Coconut Coir is 5.7-6.9 and much closer to neutral but still on the acid side. Leaves can be the most dangerous: Oak leaves are in the upper 3's and lower 4's.

So as you can see, using straight peat moss or leaves as bedding can be catastrophic for a new worm bin. But acid is easy to correct, add some ground egg shells and VIOLA! all neutral.

What about adding coffee grounds to the bin? A little is ok but no more than a cup or so at a time per 1 pound/worms.

Curious as to what the PH of your bin is? Buy a PH meter!

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