Worm Bin Temperature

Maintaining a certain worm bin temperature is important for year round worm composting and worm survival.

Red wiggler worms (aka manure or compost worm) prefer temps in the 40-90 degree range, with 70-80 degrees being optimal. I live in Texas and have seen the internal temp of my worm bins as high as 90+degrees and as low as 30 degrees and during both extremes the worms were actively composting. But if you can avoid the temp extremes, your worm bin will be more productive.

Cold Weather Tips:

  • Buy a compost thermometer to monitor temps. and conditions frequently
  • Insulate bins (this can be as simple as wrapping with an old blanket or as fancy as foam insulation)
  • Feed scraps that heat like lettuce and corn, but do not broadcast feed, feed in sections in case it heats too much so they have a cool area to move to if needed.
  • Consider providing a heat source if you have outdoor bins with a constant temp below 40 degrees in the winter (this can be done with tube lighting, warm water currents or overhead lighting)

Hot Weather Tips:

  • Buy a compost thermometer and check bin temps and conditions frequently
  • Keep bin shaded and out of direct sunlight Keep bin moist (condensation will help keep bin cool, I water my bins DAILY in Texas during the summer) Feed less scraps/manure and consider feeds of paper, cardboard or compost (food scraps that have already gone through the heating process)

Following the above tips will help you make worm composting a success.

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