Worm Harvesting

Worm Harvesting is rewarding yet very tedious work. It is fun to reap the benefits of the worms labor but is very time consuming and dirty work.

worm harvesting

You can harvest your worms using the pile method or by simply feeding on one side of your bin for a few weeks or months until all the worms move over. The pile method is simple. Put the castings/worms in a pile shaped like a pyramid. Leave as is for 15-20 minutes and come and scrape the top layer of the pile off. Leave it again for another 15 minutes and repeat over and over until all you have left is a squirming pile of worms.

Here is my video on harvesting:

Another way to harvest is by using a worm harvester. Here is a video of a motorized harvester. I have been trying to talk my husband into building me one for over a year. For now I do the pile method.

How do you know when it is time to harvest? When there is very little scraps and bedding left, when the castings look like fine coffee grounds. Here is a video on how to know when its time to harvest:

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