worms crawling up sides of bin

There seems to be a lot of casting on the sides of the bin up to the lid. Do the worms typically crawl up? Each time I check there seems to be several worms hanging around the lid. Also, I made a two bin system with holes in the bottoms. I have noticed a few worm carcasses on the pan, there is nothing in the bottom bin. Am I doing something wrong? I have been putting food in one corner and covering with shredded newspaper.

Answer from BigTex Worms
This is totally normal. Everytime I open my bins there are worms crawling around the lids and on the sides. They just go exploring. As long as they are not actually leaving the bin somehow, this is all ok.
I dont suggest having holes in the bottom of bins for several reasons and one being the worms get out then cant get back in. If you are feeding properly, you never have runoff and do not need the holes. So if I were you I would tape off the bottom holes with masking tape or duct tape.
BigTex Worms

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