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My flower beds have worms and would like to put some in the lawn areas. I live in Round Rock, TX and have very rocky soil. Actually live near the quary on FM 1431 west of I35. Me thinks adding worms would help. I used to do a lot of fishing and kept worms in the fridge. We used the garden type - I have never heard of the red wigglers.

Thanks for the help.

Answer from Big Tex Worms:
I do not recommend adding any worms to a yard. Why? Because NOT having worms in your yard is a sign the soil is infertile and it would simply be a waste of money to add worms to depleted soil.
So what should you do? Correct the soil. You do this by having your soil tested and finding our what organic additives you need to restore. Compost is always the first line of defense. LOTS of compost, then you usually have to add certain minerals that are deficient. Once you do this, then guess what? The native worms will come. That is what you want in your yard anyway, native worms.
Contact your local agricultural extension and they will tell you where to get your soil tested AND help you with resources for getting your soil healthy. To find your ag extension just do a search in google : "YOUR COUNTY NAME Agriculture Extension" and it will come up. Another great resource is the local gardening clubs, Round rock is a big city, contact the chamber of commerce and ask if they have a gardening club. I bet you would learn alot from the local gardeners.

Hope this helps,
BigTex Worms

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