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compost tea

The first time I saw the word worm tea I almost gagged. I am from Texas and tea is one of my favorite drinks, so using worms and tea in the same sentence did not set well with me. But I kept reading.

I discovered that this concoction is actually an excellent way to use worms castings. When brewed correctly, it contains live properties that not only nourish your plants, but act as an antifungal and pesticide.

There are two basic compost tea recipes:

1. Simply mix 1 part castings to 4 parts dechlorinated water and allow to sit for 24 hours. It is recommended to stir every 4-6 hours during this time.

2.Or use an aeration method: Put 1 cup of castings in 1 gallon water. Add 2-3 tsp of unsulfared molasses. Put an air stone connected to a fish tank pump into the water and allow to bubble areate for 24 hours. It will be bubbly/foamy when ready.

worm tea

Then you dilute this concentrate with 1 part WT concetrate and 3-4 parts (NON chlorinated water, pond water or rainwater). Use within 12 hours as a root drench or folier spray.

***vermicompost tea does NOT keep. If it begins to stink then that is a sign of it being anerobic (without oxygen) and it is not good to put on the plants at this point. Yuck. The whole idea of making worm tea is so that it is LIVE. So buying it prebottled at the store will not have these live properties.

Here is my video on making VERMI TEA:

How much do you need to make? I usually brew 3 gallons at a time in a 5 gallon bucket. This makes enough to water my entire garden and flower beds. I have 3 4'x4' raised veggie beds, approximately 10 containers with flowers, and 4 large (3'x10) flower beds. I do both folier spraying and root drenching once every 4 -6 weeks.

If made properly, your plants will thank you by growing and producing beautifully. It will nourish them and help, work as an anti-fungal AND will help attract beneficial bugs to your garden. ITs a win/win/win. You should apply it every 6 weeks just like you would with a chemical fertilizer.

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